Care & Maintenance

All products in every industry need the correct care and maintenance in order to perform at their best, and the products of the flooring industry are no different.

A well maintained, quality floor covering will give many years of practical and stylish use in your home.

Treating your flooring correctly and protecting it from adverse wear is key to the length of time your flooring lasts and therefore just how much value you will get from it.

Each manufacturer will have their own specific guidelines which you can find in the links below, but the general consensus for good care is much the same for similar types of floor covering.

Here are the key elements for our most popular types of floor covering but please remember to visit the specific link for the manufacturer of your floor covering:


Every carpet will serve a longer life and retain its original appearance for longer with regular and correct cleaning and maintenance.

Regular vacuuming is key to the life of your carpet, deposited dirt is not only unsightly but also adds to the wear of the carpet because the dirt acts like an abrasive to the carpet fibres.

A good quality entrance mat will dramatically reduce the amount of dirt deposited on your carpet, as will the removal of outside footwear upon entering the house.

Spillages should be cleaned up immediately and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Cushion Vinyl 

Cushion Vinyl requires little more than sweeping/vacuuming and a light wipe over with a moist cloth or floor mop to keep it looking great.

A good quality entrance mat will help to keep your vinyl flooring looking clean whilst holding back dirt and grit which can act as an abrasive on the wear surface of the vinyl and cause scratching. 

Some manufacturers have their own or recommended maintenance cleaners and surface protectors available to purchase too.

Please see specific manufacturers guidelines appropriate to your flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles/Planks (LVT)

LVT flooring is easily maintained with dry sweeping and vacuuming and can be mopped over too.

Although the vinyl itself is water proof, you should still exercise caution with the amount of water you do use as not only is it a slip hazard, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause issues with some of the adhesives used to adhere the flooring. 

Good quality entrance mats are very important in keeping unwanted abrasives from the flooring but you should also be wary of the type of backing the mat has as some can cause discolouration of the LVT.  

Some manufacturers have their own or recommended maintenance cleaners and surface protectors available to purchase too.  Please always maintain your flooring as per the specific manufacturer’s guidelines.




Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is very easy to maintain by simply vacuuming and dry sweeping on a regular basis.

As always, a good quality entrance mat will help to keep unwanted dirt and moisture off of your flooring and will help to prolong the life of the flooring.

Wet mopping should be avoided with laminate flooring, even the new products that are classified waterproof.

A moist cloth is more than adequate to bring a laminate floor back to life as the surface itself is not absorbent.  

There are various maintenance products available but you should be aware that some can leave a residue on the surface of your floor.

You should always refer to and adhere to the specific manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance of your flooring.



Real Wood Flooring

Real wood flooring requires good and regular maintenance in order for it to stay looking its best.

Real wood scratches very easily so a good quality entrance mat is an extremely important tool in its upkeep.

Real wood is very porous and absorbent, particularly once the protective oil or lacquer has been worn and is probably one of the hardest types of flooring to maintain correctly.

Regular dry sweeping and vacuuming is paramount and the use of any kind of liquid even just on a moist cloth should be done with extreme caution.

There are many manufacturers of real wood flooring that do not have their own specific maintenance instructions, instead just iterating that it is a natural product and suggesting regular and appropriate maintenance using products by companies such as Bona and Pallman for example.
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