Our Showroom is Open

We are operating an appointment only service in our showroom for the safety of our customers and staff

Following the governments latest guidelines our showroom is open using an appointments system.

This will give our customers exclusive use of the showroom behind a locked door.  Can we please request that no more than 2 people from your household come along.   We appreciate that for some this may not be so easy which is why it is a request, rather than a fixed rule.

We have a sanitising station just inside the entrance and we ask that customers use this upon entering and exiting the shop.

Whilst in the showroom you must adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines and please refrain from touching unnecessary items.   We will be using a disinfectant misting system in the entire store and  on every sample touched so as to protect our staff and customers as best we can.

Our showroom is spacious and 2m distancing can be easily achieved in the entire store, although there are a few areas that are only accessible  via 1 place so please do not inadvertently ‘trap’ our staff member into a corner.

Upon arrival you will find the door to be locked.   Please ring the doorbell and await assistance from one of our staff who will unlock the door and step back so that you can enter (the door opens outwards so you will need to pull it open yourself and enter).  Please then use the sanitising station before touching anything.

Please then step aside so that we can lock the door again before serving you.

Once finished our staff member will unlock the door and step aside so that you can leave safely abiding by the 2m social distancing guidelines.

Any customers passing by or unaware of our appointments system can ring bell for service, and if achievable we will fit you in there and then, but only if this is achievable, please do not take offense if you are refused ‘ad-hoc’ entry